Modafinil helps to improve daytime performance in narcoleptic patients

ModAlert proved to be highly effective for me. It is not advisable that you neglect any sleep disorders. Take Modafinil and lead a healthy life.

Alertness and concentration were mandatory for my nursing profession. My sleep wake cycle was pretty much fine, but I still had a lot of issues in maintaining proper vigilance in my work. That was the main reason why I started taking Modafinil. The brand name of this nootropic medicine is Provigil. This is basically a reinforcing drug that acts on the central nervous system and stimulates it. It is a non amphetamine drug that significantly improves daytime performance.

This is a no prescription drug that can be used on an “as needed” basis. I take it once everyday 30 minutes before my shift. If you have the question regarding “How can I buy Modafinil”, put your mind at rest. This medicine is easily available on online pharmacy stores. Buy generic Modafinil at economical rates. They would deliver it right at your doorstep, once you place the order. It is helpful in enhancing your performance by making you more confident and enthusiastic. The most recommended Provigil dosages are 100 mg to 200 mg. You can start with 100 mg and then increase the dose when required. A single dose of this medicine can help you stay awake for around half a day, without creating any sleep debt.

Exercise some caution while using this medicine. Side effects of this medicine are headache, insomnia and nervousness. It is advisable to terminate the treatment by slowly reducing the dosage rather than discontinuing it all of a sudden. It can lead to withdrawal symptoms if you cease the medicine abruptly. You should not drive vehicles or manage heavy machines when you are using this medicine. It should be stored at a place away from heat and moisture.

This medicine is mainly indicated in shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy. Tiny tots suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can also be given Modafinil. It would help those kids to remain attentive and learn better. Normal and healthy kids should not be given this medicine. Patients who have severely impaired hepatic function should not be given Provigil.

Uplifting mood, improving your confidence and focus are the principal effects of this medicine. People who cannot sleep peacefully at night or have abrupt attacks of sleep during the daytime can take this medication. Snoring can be due to narcolepsy and it can be treated through Modafinil. College going students who cannot study well because of lack of single mindedness can take Provigil and get better grades. It also gives you a feeling of physical and mental well being.

Unwanted sleepiness during daytime becomes more prevalent as age advances. It can prove to be immensely effective in these patients. If fatigue and somnolence act as a hurdle in your day to day activities, take this medicine and put an end to all those problems.

Because of the miraculous effects of this medicine, I can share with you my success story of being promoted to the level of senior nurse at work. For anyone who has such sleep disorders and the problem of daytime excessive somnolence