Cipro dosage and recommendations on the use

Cipro as a liquid for intravenous infusion is poured through a dropper. The rate of administration: 200mg per half hour. Allowed to dilute the liquid infusion 0.9% with sodium chloride, 5 – 10% glucose solution, 10% fructose solution. Dosage should choose a doctor based on the patient’s condition, his body weight, age and condition of the excretory system. A single intake, on average – 200mg, in special cases up to 400mg. The drug is administered twice a day. Duration of therapy is 7 – 14 days prescribed by a doctor. For the treatment of uncomplicated infections of the respiratory system it is used from 250 to 500mg of Cipro twice daily for five – fifteen days.

For the treatment of gonorrhea it is used once intravenously dosage of Cipro 100mg. For the treatment of uncomplicated infectious and inflammatory diseases of the allocation of 100mg twice a day intravenously. For relief of symptoms it is prescribed oral form of Cipro. To prevent postoperative infection is poured for half an hour – an hour before the intervention in the range of 200 to 400mg. Patients with kidney failure in severe (creatinine clearance below 20ml per minute) should reduce the daily amount twice. Tablets of Cipro are used in the treatment of patients over 15 years.

Used orally, food intake does not affect the effectiveness of the drug, but rather to enhance the effectiveness take medication on an empty stomach with plenty of fluids. In any case, dosage of Cipro is appointed in the condition, age and patient weight. Ophthalmic drops Cipro are used in the treatment of patients with 12 years of age. When the patient’s condition improves, you should move to a smaller dose (every 4 hours). The treatment therapy is from five to fourteen days.